This project was realized along the shore and became an open museum showing Tom Otterness’ sculptures representing only some of the most marvelous tales from the sea. MARTINI COSTRUZIONI was able to express the capacity of confrontation along with an open dialogue with a world famous artist.  (Museum Beelden Aan Zee)



In Russia MARTINI COSTRUZIONI realized the perfect example of integration between the materials used in classic architecture. Highly respectable customers fully evaluate the qualities and the uniqueness of TRACHYTE STONE.

The extreme care in the manufacturing and the attention to the exclusive details were essential for these particular realizations, leading to the embellishment of the living areas.



MARTINI COSTRUZIONI, with its highly competitive staff, collaborated to some of the most imposing conservative restoration that ever took place in Venice.


MARTINI COSTRUZIONI is able to connect perfectly the new and the ancient architecture already existing.  Sophisticated technical solutions connect particular needs and functions with characteristics architectural artifacts. Sought application of the materials that become true expression of care, clarity, and precision, enhance the beauty of the Italian landscapes.


Thanks to innovation and highly technological machinery, MARTINI COSTRUZIONI is keen in the realization of finite goods for all uses.